Ocean Rocks Yacht

Come aboard our Ocean Rocks yacht in Southern Tenerife, which hosts a restaurant, a concert hall, a bar and even an artisan ice cream shop.


Enjoy a memorable sea trip where music lovers will dance to the sound of the biggest pop/rock hits reinterpreted by the best bands in the island. A 3-hour musical trip you are not about to forget!

Live Music:

A band live performs on the pontoon the best hits of the last couple of years. Feel free to sing and dance with the artists with the help of the giant screen in the background, displaying all the lyrics.


We offer a special buffet with authentic Canary Islands food: amazing salads, fresh fish, and tasty brochettes cooked by our own chef.


Enjoy signature cocktails directly prepared by our 15-year-experienced barman. He will prepare for you the best cocktails in a memorable musical atmosphere.

Ice Creams:

Alexis, a French ice cream artisan aboard our yacht, elaborates 100%-natural ice creams. We offer a wide range of flavours to suit every taste.

VIP Area:

We have arranged a VIP space on the upper deck for those of you who require a bit more of privacy. This exclusive area grants you a direct access to the dance floor as well as an exclusive VIP bar service.

Enjoy a unique and memorable musical experience aboard our yacht! For the luckiest, you would also get the opportunity to observe dolphins and whales from our Submarine Salon, while enjoying a tasty cocktail.

Choose the experience you want to enjoy:

  • RAW Ticket: 1 Soft included + 3H Cruise Sailing + 2H Live Concert.
  • BASIC Ticket: 1 Welcome Cocktail + 3H Cruise Sailing + Salad Buffet + 2H Live Concert.
  • ALL INCLUSIVE Ticket: 4 Cocktails / Long Drinks + 3H Cruise Sailing + Access to Ocean Brunch & Grill + 1 Artesan Ice Cream + 2H Live Concert.
DURATION 3 hours
DEPARTURE LOCATION Los Cristianos Harbour.
2 hours live concert.
RAW Ticket Adult: 30€
Basic Ticket Adult: 50€
All Inclusive Ticket Adult: 80€
Sea Trip with music

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
April 20, 2021

Went on this trip 2 Christmas’s ago and was totally awesome!! The young Russian group and lead singer were brilliant!! Watched the sunset…..curries and loads of food plus free drinks!! What more can you say!! Over too soon in view!! After all this madness in the world ends cant wait to get back to see you guys!! Must be double awesome in the summer!! Thanks guys for the great memories!!

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