Carnival Tenerife 2019

Gala Carnival Queen 27.02.18 17:00

This is an excursion that gives you the opportunity to enjoy a Gala. The election of the Carnival Queen of Santa Cruz De Tenerife.


Every year on the Wednesday before the weekend of the carnival, the queen is chosen in this spectacular Gala that is broadcasted both nationally and internationally. The contestants wear the most spectacular of costumes, made mainly of feathers, plastic, metal and rhinestones. These costumes can each weigh between 150 and 200 kilos. Wheels are used to enable them to glide across the main stage aspiring them to become Queen of the Carnival. The Gala also includes numerous performances of carnival groups.

This excursion will give you the ultimate Carnival Experience. We visit the city on the local tourist bus accompanied by a hostess visiting several group venues, later having exclusive access to the Gala exhibition venue. You will have V.I.P seats facing the stage with the unique opportunity to go on a backstage tour, visiting the area where all the contestants are and see their amazing costumes up close!!!

You cannot miss this fantastic opportunity of the Carnival of Santa Cruz De Tenerife, the second most popular and important Carnival in the world. Festival of international tourist interest, of which is aspiring to become a world heritage site.


Rhythm And Harmony 02.03.2018 20:00

Enjoy the parade ” Ritmo y Armonía” ( Rhythm and Harmony).

This is an event that brings together the “comparsas”, entertainers and dancers of the Santa Cruz Carnival. One of the most spectacular extravaganzers in the world. Tha parade gives the chance for the performers to demostrate their dancing skills by parading and dancing to the rhythm of “batucada” invading the streets in an explosion of color, music an dance.

Every year on the Saturday of the Carnival the parade is held (Rhythm and Harmony) which runs along the Francisco La Roche and Marítima Avenues. Take the opportunity to witness this event from a seat reserved for you in the stands in front of the Plaza de España !!. You will have this privigiled place to enjoy the parade with fenced space, hotesses and exlusive toilets.

You cannot miss this fantastic opportunity of the Carnival of Santa Cruz De Tenerife, the second most popular and important Carnival in the world. Festival of international tourist interest, of which is aspiring to become a world heritage site.


Grand Carnival Parade 05.03.2018 16:00

Come and join the fabulous Carnival here in Tenerife, second only in the world to Rio de Janeiro !

Enjoy dazzling colourful costumes, musicians, dancers and beautifully decorated floats and of course the Carnival Queens. Watch the parade and soak up the atmosphere from the best locations specially selected by our guides. A fantastic opportunity not to be missed if you are lucky enough to be here during the celebrations !

In 1980 the Tenerife Carnival was declared an event of International Touristic Interest, in 2000 Santa Cruz was The Carnival Capital of the World and now the Santa Cruz Carnival awaiting accreditation as World Heritage from UNESCO.

Enjoy the possibility of reserved seats in the grandstand opposite the Plaza de España !!!! There you will find a privileged place on the Gran Coso, enjoy enclosed space, support staff and exclusive toilets.


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